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HYIPDOG | Free Trading Signals & Altcoin News Telegram You are all free to join our free trading signal & altcoin news channel on telegram! We will be updating this channel with the latest altcoin news and buy/sell trading signals. IMPORTANT INFO Get Telegram - It is best.. Continue reading »
Due to the recent closure of many scam hyip platforms, we have decided to open a "Safe" BTC account for the community on hyipdog. Part of our referral earnings and BTC donations will be going to that account. The balance will be split among members of our team.. Continue reading »
Laser Online Scam - Who is Bodi Klamph? Bodi Klamph aka Antonio Garley was the CEO of Laser Online, a HYIP that lived for around 150 Days and turned recently into Scam. They shut down and got away with around 208 Million USD and caused great losses.. Continue reading »
We are always for the lookout for a new precious gem, as Bitcoin is in a bullish trend it is a great time to take advantage and stake some of these altcoins that have some decent pumps by the end of December/February: 1. IOTA Info: Already at a.. Continue reading »
The Blockchain/Tangle is technically secured, one would limit the possibility of losing their cryptocurrency coins due to a vulnerability breach in it's initial code structure or a potential attack that breaks the whole cryptography. However, there are multiple ways that one can lose their bitcoins in a.. Continue reading »
Greetings Readers In this part of the HYIP Strategy series we will discuss the importance of resource allocation, and how you can make the most of your investments. In our platform we divide HYIPS into 3 categories [Low Risk - Medium Risk - High Risk] Low Risk HYIPs are.. Continue reading »
Greetings Readers, There are plenty of opportunities to make make money in the cryptocurrency space, a good strategy that we are making use of, is to invest in HYIP's and instead of fully re-invest or cash out, we are investing part of the profit back into long-term.. Continue reading »
There are 3 types of Characters in the HYIP Cyberspace 1- The "All-in" Character: This character is most commonly found among high risk takers or new/inexperienced investors. The "All-in" character invests large sums of money by hoping that they will be able to quickly gain a good.. Continue reading »
Greetings HYIP Warriors, HYIPS are a great way of making money, but similar to any investment prorgram, HYIPs require strategy, discipline and control THE FUNDAMENTALS: 1-Never invest with more than you can afford to lose 2- Never join a program blindly before making sure that it is paying and it's.. Continue reading »

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